System Protector

Stay free of spyware, viruses and malware
Continual protection from spyware/virus/malware activity
Definitions are kept current through regular updates
Detects and destroys spyware, malware or viruses on your PC
Provides a clear understanding of severity
The internet is not a safe place these days. Every time you visit a site, the greater chances you have of exposure to spyware. Spyware programs are designed to steal your personal information, make observances of keystrokes to obtain passwords, and hijack your internet browser. Many spyware programs will redirect you to other sites that you are unaware of. System Protector will detect any malicious activity and prevent you from visiting those sites.

Keep viruses and spyware at bay with the System Protector. You never have to worry about spyware making its way into your system because the System Protector will continually monitor processes that are running in the background of the computer. This feature is able to detect, identify, and destroy any malicious virus or spyware attempting to affect your system. Maximize computer performance by keeping your PC safe.

After the initial installation, you will have the most up-to-date definitions of all spyware threats. You can maintain a peace of mind knowing that your PC is constantly protected from spyware.

  • Keep your personal information safe and secure
  • 24-hour protection with automatic definition updates
  • Continually scans your PC in the background
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