System Cleaner

Keeps your PC clean by eliminating unnecessary data
Destroys data that has personal information
Gives you control on how to handle your files
Removes junk files that are not needed
Provides a summary of all your folders and files
Generates a restore feature before files are cleaned
Gives you a summary of items that have been deleted
Every time you get on the internet, install a new program, or download a file, the information is saved temporarily to multiple places in the computer. After time, these files are intended to be deleted automatically but can remain; clogging up the systems operating speed. Many factors can complicate this process, from programís malfunction and system crashes.

System cleaner will craw your system and find unwanted or unnecessary files and data in order to speed up computer speed. It will identify items that should have been removed to optimize computer speed and delete them. System Cleaner gives you the control of monitoring the various files and giving permission for the files you want to keep and which ones you want to delete.

System Cleaner will optimize computer speeds and memory by identifying junk files that can compromise your system. Some of these files, if left, could actually make your system unstable and affect your identity. When these files are found they are completely destroyed, leaving you with the peace of mind of efficient internet and computer speeds.

  • Opens more space on your computer for higher computer speeds
  • Speeds up operating system and prevents re-occurring computer crashes
  • Destroys files that contain private information for greater protection
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