Game Optimizer

Block out distractions while playing games
Play your games without common distractions
Generates a virtual desktop just for gameplay
Enables ALL system resources specifically towards the game
Programs unique key mapping based on your preferences
Playing games online has revolutionized the gaming industry. You can enjoy state-of-the art games and play against other players from around the world. You find yourself at the last final level of a game and then it happens your computer interrupts you to tell you that there is an update available, or even worse - the "blue screen of death". You lose your opportunity to win the game because of many possible interruptions.

Game optimizer takes care of making sure there is nothing else going on while you are playing games on your PC. Speed Up My PC's game optimizer will make sure there are no applications running on your computer that could cause a distraction, such as instant messages, notifications, or music. This feature saves system memory to a different location, making sure that your gaming experience on your PC is optimized. Not only will experience high internet speeds, but you will have free gaming capabilities.

Another great benefit of using Game Optimizer is that if a certain key mapping on a game doesn't fit your style then you can reprogram it. This allows you play the game the way you want at your PCs peak performance.

  • Provides an exclusive gameplay experience
  • Keeps all interruptions away while playing a game
  • Conquer a game because you can use your own memory mapping
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