Driver Updater

Automatically Keeps Your Drivers Up-To-Date
Automatically scans drivers to identify ones that are out dated
Provides a summary of drivers that are not current
Downloads and installs current drivers with your permission
Generates drivers backups
Every component of our computer(printers, cameras, scanners) runs off of software drivers. These sets of instructions are what make your computer run efficiently and smoothly. Very often computer manufactures produce updates for these drivers as software and other factors change. If you don't update these drivers, your computer will run slowly. Most people don't take the time to update their drivers and therefore do not optimize computer speeds. Driver Updater will ensure all your drivers are always up-to-date to maximize computer performance.

Keep your driver updated without doing a thing! This feature will increase computer speed by automatically scanning your system, and detecting if there are any updates that need to be downloaded. Once the updates are discovered, the Driver Updater will present a summary of what is outdated and the options to update them. Once you choose which drivers you want updated, you simply click and you are on your way to a much faster PC.

Driver Updater will always create a backup file of your drivers before they are updated. You can always restore your drivers back to their original state.

  • Optimizing computer performance by keeping your drivers current
  • Protects you from system failures by allowing you to restore your drivers
  • Automatically updates drivers so you don't have to
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