Disk Optimizer

Defragments and Optimizes your drive
Improves performances by removing fragments from your drive
The process can be ran automatically or manually
Shows you the level of fragmentation on the drive
Tells you a percentage of how much of the disk is fragmented
Generates a report summarizing the defragmentation process
Over time your hard drive can become very fragmented, creating a slow PC. Every time you turn on your PC, the hard drive is updating and reorganizing itself. When you install and uninstall programs the organization of the stored data can create gaps that defragment the order or the stored information. This can severely slow down your PC. The time it takes your computer to boot up can be very extended if there is a lot of fragmentation. Speed up your PC by using the Disk Optimizer.

Speed up a slow PC with the Disk Optimizer. This tool is able to address the issue of data fragmentation and maximizing computer performance. The speed of your PC will drastically increase and the time it takes your computer to boot-up will be greatly reduced. The Disk Optimizer increases computer speed by rearranging your hard drive to reach optimal performance. If your PC slows down, speed it up using the Disk Optimizer and be amazed at new high computer speeds.

  • Ensures fast speeds to access applications
  • Improves computer's overall speed
  • Makes your hard drive last longer
  • Maximizes computer performance
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