Why Should I Scan My PC?
Is My PC Due For A Tune-Up?
ALL Computers Eventually Lose Performance
Your PC Needs Maintenance Just Like A Car!
While technology continues to get better with time, computer software and operating systems become more complex which leads to more problems when your PC malfunctions. As time goes on and your computer is used more, the software becomes corrupt and indirectly causes problems for all the functions of your computer such as emailing, surfing the web, loading programs, and the overall running speed of your computer. On top of that, software "holes" are created which is an entry way for malicious viruses, spyware, and a number of other nasty issues. Scanning your computer with our one-of-a-kind software will tell you the health status of your PC!
Your computer is similar to a car whereas the more you use it, the more it wears it down. Continually maintaining your computer with the award-winning SpeedMyPC.com software will enable it to run smoother, longer, stronger, and faster - JUST LIKE A CAR. If you constantly neglect the health of your computer then it will eventually break down - JUST LIKE A CAR! Hopefully you get the point now...

Take the initiative today to keep your computer running for years to come - Download SpeedMyPC.com Today!
Your Windows Operating System contains an intricate library of configuration data for your software and hardware parts known as the "Registry". Your Registry will always become less organized and even corrupt over time. One of the many features of SpeedMyPC.com will completely scan and fix your Windows Registry to increase performance!

What does PC System Optimizer do?
Optimization With SpeedMyPC.com SoftwarePC System Optimizer software will clean every part of your computer system that is possible. This includes the Windows Registry, corrupt or missing files, temporary files, startup programs and settings, internet browsing history and cached images, and so much more. PC System Optimizer will also completely optimize your Windows operating system. This means an incredibly fast startup time, and a much faster overall speed for things such as email, computer startup, internet surfing, and using programs or games. The best part about SpeedMyPC.com software is that PC System Optimizer will AUTOMATICALLY maintain your PC's peak performance without you even knowing it! This is because our award-winning software will run in the background while continuously improving your computers performance!

Will my computer REALLY be faster?
SpeedMYPC.com SoftwareOne of the most unique features of PC System Optimizer is that it has the ability to adapt to every computer, no matter the computer's original setup, settings, or specifications. This means that EVERY computer which uses our computer optimization software will truly be operating at its peak potential.
Statiscally speaking, the average computer using PC System Optimizer will run over 500% faster. In a double-blind computer user assessment study, the computer's that were optimized with SpeedMyPC.com software were noticeably faster by 90% of the computer users in the study. Everything from boot-up and program startup, to emailing, browsing the internet, and even viewing documents and pictures will load faster. On top of dramatically improving your computer's speed, it will feel good knowing your computer is operating at its original performance level.

How do I scan my computer for Free?
Scan your PC for FREEIt's easy to test drive the PC System Optimizer - simply CLICK HERE to go to the download page. Once you download the software, you simply open the installation program, follow the very easy steps in the setup guide, and then click the "Start Optimization" button once the PC System Optimizer loads. After it is done scanning, you will be presented with the current Health status of your computer, along with a detailed list of any problems that were found. This is all done without making a purchase - that is how confident we are in our product!

Can I fix this problem myself?
WARNING! NEVER TRY TO MANUALLY FIX YOUR COMPUTER'S SOFTWARE. By trying to fix it yourself, or having a friend or relative fixing your computer, you are jeopardizing all of your computer's files such as pictures, documents, and anything else that is irreplaceable! TRUST US LIKE OVER 3 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE!

Where do I get it and how much is it?
After Downloading the software, you visit the purchase page and make your purchase. After your purchase is completed, you will IMMEDIATELY be given a registration number to input into the software and unlock it. The original price of the software was over $60, but as a LIMITED TIME PROMOTION we have cut the price 50% OFF to only $29.95! BUY IT TODAY BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP!!

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